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Hard Copy Book: $11.99

Order your hard copy of "The Secrets of Saving Money: Experiencing The Unlimited" The blueprint to raising your financial awareness and creating positive change for the everyday expenses in your life.

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The Mindset Movement T-Shirt: $20

Order your Money Mindset t-shirts. These t-shirts are the visual reminder to help you shift out of the mental box that many of us have involuntarily placed ourselves in. The t-shirts come in black or white and are available in all sizes.

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DVD: The Secrets of Saving Money: Experiencing the Unlimited $25

This DVD was created for our visual learners.You will get a deeper learning experience from my trips to the grocery store, some classroom style teaching, and much more as you have a little fun learning about how to reduce your expenses and add money into your pocket.
Estimated Delivery date: March 2017